Copyright 1985-1996 by Nick Howes. All Rights Reserved

The Freeway

The freeway runs its long, dark course
from the loneliness of the sea
to the desolation of the ocean

Black and cold and hot and heartless
it crawls into my mind
and binds me with stupor

My soul yearns for its long lament
of angry idleness and futile purpose

It is speed, it is motion, it is rapture


Raw and bleak and brooding,
vault the bones of the world
Thrust from the earthy deep
to challenge the heavens.


Drifting with meager conciousness, the clouds and I
Cleaving the vaults of heaven on the wings of a dream.


The mist of night whispers in my mind
echoing through the hills and valleys of experience
Isis is reborn and
strangeness drifts in her silver caress

It is cold here; breathing
the waters gain and recede
on the arrow of time
A rhythm of Nature, a closeness to the earth
a comfort

I fall and rise, ebb and flow
and I know there is no forever
but sadness flees on wings of light
and the dawn comes again

Your Name

Someone spoke your name today
and struck me a blow
of glorious memory

I saw you again
as the mist breathed on the water
I touched you again
in the bright and feral night
I kissed you again
cold and salty in the wind

But the sound faded
and the world returned.

Return to Love

I will come once more
to the seas of shining communion
rocking my belly, caressing my soul

And yet:
the journey becomes harder
on stony ground
Each reaping, each sowing
slows the seed

Still, I see you
warm and soft and piercing

Beyond the distance.

On the Threshold of Love

I stand upon the threshold of love
Torn and sundered
Rebuilt and reborn
Lost to myself

The empty years are unleashed
And I burn

I yearn to soar
But claws from the past
draw at me
And I confront the grey, reeking
death face of memory

Yet I stand here
the time is now

I shall break free

The Dream

I spoke with you yesterday
a sweetness astounding
I could not sleep
anticipating the dream.

Future Memory

So close, so strange, this woman
I touch her face

Fear moves as she pierces with her eyes
of wild and thorny gray

I roar and swoop and twist in silence
her lips part and I breathe
a perfume of ages

Transfixed by the moment
on the fire of future memory
I burn forever

On the Mountain

The brilliance of night rouses me
In the glorious solitude of existence
Staggered by rocks austere
I greet the moment

Still Water

Mellifluous sound, like still water
slips me into a shroud of rapture