Transmogribot (Copyright © 2002 Nick Howes) is a simple utility program to convert between various engineering units. You may download and use it for free (but donations are gratefully accepted - click on the button below). You may link to this page. Please don't redistribute Transmogribot; please don't decompile it or modify it. (If there's a significant amount of interest expressed, I will consider opening the source code)

While we believe that the data in this application is accurate, it may not be. There may also be bugs in the code that cause malfunctions.
Use this application at your own risk.

Mac OS X

Download a disk image tmb.dmg.gz containing the application.
Unzip (usually automatic) and mount the disk image (usually automatic or double-click tmb.dmg).
Drag the application to the folder of your choice.

Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.

First ensure that you have a Java Runtime Environment (version 1.3 or later) installed on your machine.
Next, get the tmb.jar file.
Double-click the JAR file to launch the application (or type java -jar tmb.jar in a terminal or DOS window).

Known bugs


Version History

  • 1.1 Added units: point, pica, hand, fathom, rod, furlong; stone, carat. Removed 'degree' symbol from Kelvin.
  • 1.0 Minor fixes.
  • 1b2 Fixed bug where degree sign wasn't properly displayed.
  • 1b1 Added many unit types.
  • 1d11 Added velocity unit type. Changed quit handling for Jaguar.
  • 1d10 -not released-
  • 1d9 Improved about dialog. Still no new unit types :(
  • 1d8 Changed UI to eliminate menus (suggested by John Manning). New icon.
  • 1d7 Various UI improvements.
  • 1d6 Remembers window position. Screen or Window menu option for Mac OS X.
  • 1d5 Changed menus to match Mac L&F. Fixed bug where support classes were omitted for Windows/Linux/etc.
  • 1d4 sets a default convertion.
  • 1d3 results can be copied (for pasting into other programs)
  • 1d2 better result formatting
  • 1d1 first release, not too many unit types

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