Mt Wood Attempt August 2003

In August 2003, my brother Jeremy and I attempted to climb Mt. Wood.
At 12,661 ft (3859 m), Mt. Wood is the second highest peak in Montana and the highest in Stillwater County (where I live). We started out from "the Golf Course", a high mountain meadow, and backpacked up onto the Stillwater Plateau. The weather was great and we made camp at 11,150 ft in a saddle just to the NW of Mt. Wood. We put up our tent "just in case" but slept out under the stars. We were woken up before midnight by the wind and spent the rest of the night huddled in the tent hoping it would survive the buffeting. At dawn, we got up, packed up, and bugged out - we could hardly stand upright in the wind.
Although we didn't succeed, it was a good trip and we'll be back again in 2004!
Jeremy at the Wilderness Boundary
Nick on the Plateau
Sunset at Camp
Crossing a Snowfield
The Cathedral Peak Fire
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