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Brief Biography

I was born in the UK in 1962. My mother was a schoolteacher and my father was an Electrical Engineer. My brother and only sibling, Jeremy, is a year and a half younger than me. We moved around a lot when we were kids, living in Halebarns (Cheshire, England), Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan), Rochdale (Lancashire, England), Glenrothes (Fife, Scotland), and Storrington (West Sussex, England). We lived in Storrington for about five years and it's the place I really remember best from the UK.

In 1977, we moved to Reston (Virginia, USA) and except for a year in East Lansing (Michigan, USA) I lived there continuously until 1996. I attended Oakton High School (Class of '80), George Mason University, and Michigan State University. I studied Physics and Electrical Engineering but dropped out before graduating.

I started dating Kaite in November 1989 and we were married in March 1996. We moved to Nye in Stillwater County, Montana USA in May 1996 after spending several years choosing a place where we wanted to live. We built a house and moved in October 2001. Our first daughter, Maggie, was born in January 2002. Our second daughter, Ally, was born in October 2005.

Brief Resume

I am an Electrical Engineer working in the industrial electrical motor drive field (including controls and systems). I work on architectures, power circuits, microprocessor and digital circuits, control software and algorithms, industrial communication networks, and user interface hardware and software.

My current position is as Vice President of Bardac Corporation. I designed and implemented the drive.web system. (I also designed the 888 and B-series AC drives.)

Long ago, I worked at SSD / Eurotherm Drives (now Parker Hannifin SSD Drives North America) where I was the architect and primary designer of the SSD Link products and the Link2 products. In ancient times, I worked at Eurotherm Controls.


Here are some trips that I've done; I'll be adding more someday (maybe).
1987 Climbing Seneca Rocks, WV.
1988 Climbing the Grand Teton, WY.
1988 Climbing Pingora, WY.
1989 Hiking the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park
(...more to be added here...)
2003 Mt Wood, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2004 Stillwater Plateau, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2005 Lake Plateau, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2006 Beaten Path, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2007 Herein Creek, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2008 Lonesome Mountain, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2009 trans Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2010 (cut short) Beartooth Plateau, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2011 Jawbone Lake, Beartooth Mountains, MT.
2012 trans Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Mount Wood)
2013 trans Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Granite Peak)
2015 Yellowstone to Nye, MT
2016 trans Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Omega Pass)
2017 Sawtooth Mountains, ID. (Cramer Lakes)
2018 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (West Fishtail Creek)
2019 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (East Rosebud & Russell Creek)
2020 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Mount Hague)
2021 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Beartooth Plateau)
2022 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Fishtail Creek)
2023 Beartooth Mountains, MT. (Beartooth Plateau)


I enjoy SciFi novels, movies and TV shows, computer programming, computer games, etc. I also enjoy skiing, backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering. My main interest (and time-sink) for the last few years has been designing and building Ghostwood.


I'm an atheist, a secular humanist, a freethinker. I'm a civil/social libertarian and a fiscal/economic moderate.
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Other Stuff

I've written some poetry and done some painting (link coming someday).

And here are a few recipes.